Just Because Hugs
You never really need a reason to send a hug!

A great range of quality teddy bears and friends, books and best wishes to send your
 hugs and for every occasion.

Fun, cute and cuddly. Everyone loves a hug.

All Occasion Hugs

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Little Teddy hugs ready to send big hugs!
Conga Cubs Lion Hugs 30cm
Conga Cubs Lion Hugs - Sending jungle hugs for every occasion.
Elephant Snugems Hugs
Elephant Hugs - So sweet and fluffy, perfect for sending...
Green Friendship Hamper Hugs
Send warm hugs with this sweet huggable hamper.
Horsey Hugs
Horsey Hugs - Soft and fluffy, perfect for sending hugs...
Hugasaurus Dinosaurs
Choose from Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Greeny or Bluey to...
Jungle Snacks Hamper Hugs
Send hugs and lots of love with this deliciously sweet huggable...
Little Box Of Friendship
We can't live without our friends! Let them know how much...
Little Cup of Friendship
Send a hug and make someone smile! Each cup contains an...
Little Pipp Bear Hug Packs
Cute Little Teddy hugs with delicious Chocolate hearts ready...
Loveable Lamb Hugs 23cm
Super soft Little Lamb - Perfect for sending all your love...
Mooo Hugs
Mooo Hugs - Soft and fluffy, perfect for sending hugs for...
Pastel Bear Hugs 35cm
Bright Cheery Colourful Teddy Bears - So soft and cuddly....
Pug Hugs Gift Pack
Pug Hugs will make everyone smile!
Purpley Comforting Hamper Hugs
Send warm hugs with this sweet huggable hamper.
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